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» NAME: Lancer (Cu Chulainn)
» FANDOM: Fate/Stay Night
» CANON POINT: Unlimited Blade Works Route, Day 15-After Image: End of a Hero. (Post death.)
» AGE: Appears to be ~30, but actually is the spirit of a long dead hero brought back to life so age is a weird thing for him.
» GENDER: Male
» ORIENTATION: Heterosexual to start but he's a pretty laid back accepting guy, so he will probably be open to changing that.
» COLLAR: His collar is a roughly 2-2.5 inch wide leather band like what he is wearing in the picture below, only the top and bottom edges are blue instead of black. The black section has a row of triskeles embossed in blue around the middle. This is a symbol he will recognize since it was used back in the time when he was first alive. Recognizing it doesn't make him happy, though, because in addition to being linked to competition and moving forward in life, it was most often used to symbolize the many triple goddess/gods so common in his culture. One such goddess was responsible for his death, and he's not too happy to be wearing something that can be linked to her in any way...

» YES: Blood, biting, playing with his hair... He's going to be open to a lot of things, but he's going to have to be introduced to them first since he is a hero from the past, and while the grail gave him some information on modern day so he could survive the war, that information, funnily enough, didn't cover much in the way of modern sexual practices. (If in doubt, ask!)
» MAYBE: See above.
» NO: Nothing bathroom related (scat etc.), vore, or anything animal related. (Best way to get this one gunning for you in a not good way is to call him a dog.)


Despite being a spirit called back into the world via magic, Lancer generally looks like a normal human male. He is around 6 feet tall and 155 pounds (185cm/70kg). He is well built from years of fighting, but his build is lean as he is a fighter who relies more on speed and agility than strength. His hair is dark blue--short and spiky on the top and sides, but long in the back. It goes to about mid-back, and he keeps it pulled into a ponytail with a wide gold clasp. He has red eyes with slightly cat-like pupils. The pupils become much more cat-like when he is emotional, shrinking down to mere slits when he is enraged or completely engrossed in battle.

Lancer always wears a pair of long, simple silver earrings. His battle outfit consists of a pair of blue body tights with silver markings and sliver armored shoulder pads. The outfit is tight for maximum mobility in battle and is actually a reference back to the woad paint that Celtic warriors of his day often wore.

Battle Outfit (What he's going to arrive with.)

Casual Outfit (What he will buy as soon as he can.)

Someone needs to give this boy a fashion sense... X.x


When it comes down to it, Lancer is a man of extremes. He's a laid back joker who makes some wonder if he can take anything seriously. He's a flirt to the point he often makes others uncomfortable, and he's an unyielding beast in battle to the extreme that others wonder if he is a man at all. Of course, first as the hero Cu Chulainn and later as the servant Lancer, he has never cared what others think. He has always done things the way he wants to do them, when he wants to do them, and by his own honor code.

Those who are lucky enough not to meet Lancer for the first time on the field of battle often walk away with the impression that he takes nothing seriously--even life or death situations are a joke to him. One strong example of this comes when he allies with Rin and Shirou for the first time. Despite the fact that they have just come from a battle where a young girl had her heart ripped from her chest in front of them, Lancer meets them with a smile and jokes that range from making fun of one of the enemy servants, to laughingly pointing out the true nature of Rin and Shirou's relationship.

Something that often adds to people's belief that Lancer can't be serious is that he flirts with females--ally an enemy--just as much as he jokes with them. Again, this often happens in situations where it would be considered highly inappropriate. During that same scene, a good many of his lines that aren't jokes are Lancer hitting on Rin. His constant jokes and hitting on her actually make Shirou so nervous and uneasy that he makes Lancer agree to leave Rin alone before he will consent to them being allies. Lancer does agree, but considering how quickly he starts flirting with Rin again, it's obvious he doesn't take Shirou's unease seriously. This is because, despite his laid back and joking nature, Lancer is still a knight and has a code of honor that he follows. He knows he won't do anything to hurt Rin if for no other reason than she is someone who reminds him very much of his teacher during his first life. One if his very first flirts describes her as beautiful, stubborn and courageous--just the kind of traits he would want in a female master--namely because they are the main traits of the women he tended to get into trouble with during his first life.

In the end, he doesn't care what Shirou believes because Lancer knows he won't hurt her and it's exactly this 'I don't care what you think' attitude that allows people to form and then hold onto their incorrect views on how serious he is. Only a few ever really get a chance to see him at his most serious and a lot of those don't survive the experience. This is something Shirou learns first hand.

The first time Shirou actually meets Lancer, the servant is fighting against Rin's servant, Archer. Since Shirou isn't a part of the war at this time, when Lancer realizes he has seen them, his attention turns from fighting Archer to dealing with Shirou, who by the rules of the war, cannot be allowed to live after witnessing part of it. He ruthlessly hunts Shirou until he corners the boy in a hallway at the school and then kills him even after admitting that while it's a pretty bad thing to have to do, rules are rules. Lancer seems annoyed when he finds Shirou alive later, but again focuses on upholding the rules of the war, and Shirou only manages to survive this time because he summons Saber to defend him.

To see Lancer at his most serious, though, he has to be seen in battle against another servant and the one who he fights the most seriously during the route is Archer. It is during their first battle that Rin points out just how beast-like Lancer is in battle. First of all, the joking and flirting that is usually so much a part of his character is no where to be found aside from one fairly weak joke made when he is alone with Rin before Archer materializes to join the fight. Throughout the fight, Rin repeatedly mentions how strong Lancer's murderous intent is and it only gets stronger as the fight goes on to the extent that at one point she says it's so intense it makes her forget to breath and even seems to make the air around them freeze. She also mentions how his stare is more like that of an animal than a human going so far as to compare him a panther. His grin gives her the same feeling as his stare and both of those things match the bestial aura he's been radiating ever since she first ran into him. Rin isn't the only one to notice these things as Archer also comments on his beast-like agility during the battle.

Shortly after that fight, Archer betrays Rin and Lancer's interest in fighting him quickly becomes less about curiosity and more about making him pay for hurting her after the betrayal. This shows a different kind of seriousness in Lancer, and while it's something he doesn't admit to Rin, his willingness to spare Archer's life just long enough for him to crawl back and apologize to her pretty clearly shows how he feels about what the other servant has done. This is no longer the bestial seriousness he shows in battle, but the seriousness of a man of honor who cannot stand seeing someone he respects treated in such a way.

Rin never realizes just how big a thing Lancer's agreement with her request to let Archer live is. Each time Lancer fights it is pointed out how serious he takes the fights. In a war where the prize is any wish the winner desires, Lancer's only wish is the chance to fight good fights with those as strong as he is. That means he usually doesn't hold back during battle. As he is fighting Archer for the second time, though, Lancer realizes he is holding back to a degree just because Rin has asked him to. It's only when Archer speaks of Lancer's true identity and starts to insult his very pride as a warrior that Lancer forgets his promise and goes all out against Archer.

If it is one thing he cannot stand, it's being called a dog. Lancer might have acted as a guard to replace the hound his killed during his first life, but he is no one's pet in this one and is very sensitive to any joke or insult that refers to him as such. This is because he feels not only an insult to his history, but also to him as a warrior since he took on the role of guard with pride to repay a debt.

And it is Lancer's pride as a warrior that eventually leads to his death. During the whole war, his master has hidden in the shadows and forced him to back away from fights or fight them not at full strength. Because his master holds his command seals, Lancer has been forced to go along with these tactics, only managing to find some joy when his master orders him to watch out for Rin. This joy is short lived when his master later orders Lancer to kill the now captive and helpless Rin because he's done using her as a pawn. Not only does Lancer genuinely like Rin at this point, but his pride has had enough of his master's underhanded tactics. He tells his master that he will have to use a command spell to make him take such an dishonorable action. His master does this, only he changes the order and forces Lancer to kill himself instead because his master no longer needs him either. This is an action Lancer has no choice but to take because of the command spell.

However, Lancer's pride as a hero gives him the chance to see to it his master doesn't get away with this as he uses it to gather the last of his strength and kill his master. He then frees Rin. When Rin offers to make him her servant and heal him, Lancer proves once last time that despite being a laid back joker, he knows how to be serious. He knows that the wound caused by his spear can't be healed even by a mage as powerful as Rin, so he passes on her offer sending her off to help the ones he knows she really cares about with a smile and one last flirt on his lips.

He can't have anyone thinking him too serious after all...

» BACKGROUND: Have a wiki link! And here is a link to a wiki page about his legend since he will make references to it in game.

» OTHER: While his is often seen smoking (and I believe it's actually cannon he does), he won't be doing so on the island. Namely because it will cost money he's not likely to have. He's the kind of guy who tends to float from one job to the next and that doesn't always work out so well for the pocketbook!

Also since Lancer is the spirit of a hero who died long ago, the Grail stuffed a lot of weird odds and ends into his head to help him function in the modern world. Expect him to know some odd things that even modern people might not know, but also to have fun gaps in other areas of knowledge.


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